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Johnny Dollar

A comic book from Moonstone

Film Noir drips right onto the comics page!

Published in May 2003 (now out of print ).



Who is Johnny Dollar?

Billed as the "insurance investigator with the action-packed expense account", YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR ran in radio serial format from 1949 until 1962. Developed by Jack Johnstone, Johnny Dollar became the embodiment of the American detective developed by Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

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The character has never been adapted to any other medium before (movie, tv or comic book) . So, it is the first time we can actually see the character that could only be heard before.

About the book

The details:

Title: Moonstone Noir: Johnny Dollar
Story: David Gallaher
Art: Eric Theriault assisted by Serge Lapointe on inks.
Cover: Tim Seelig
Mature readers
48 pgs, self-contained, b/w, $4.95

This Prestige format book was published by Moonstone Book and part of the Moonstone Noir collection. A line of crime books with classics right from the golden days of radio, novels and pulp magazines !

The story:

When a fire stalls a swank production of MacBeth, our "Man with the Action Packed Expense Account", JOHNNY DOLLAR, two-fisted insurance investigator, is called in to sort things out. On the scene he meets a gaggle of thespians who all have their reason to see the production axed. But the felonys start to stack up as arson is followed by MURDER! Can Johnny nab the brute behind it before his own epitaph is added to his world-famous ledger?

"It is grimy noir that takes a long time to rinse off your hands. Just as it should be."

The Artists

Bringing the radio drama to the printed page were the creative team of writer David Gallaher (former Marvel.Com writer/editor and of the High Moon webcomic) and Eric Theriault (creator of Veena ) pencilling and inking the book with ink assist from Serge Lapointe.

Eric Theriault: " YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR" is my first big american project outside of my own indy book "Veena" and some short stories, here and there. This is my first work with crime fiction, but i've always felt that classic detective stories would fit my style perfectly. Especially if they take place in the mid-twentieth century, my favorite time period for graphic inspiration.

The publisher

The book was published by Moonstone Books and part of their "Moonstone Noir" collection of detectives stories and crime fiction, printed in classic black and white.

Moonstone are putting out recognizable properties, that is, recognizable characters not exclusive to the comic reading public. They want to hit the gaming fans, newspaper strip fans, tv fans, etc.

Their job is to find just the right creators. People who are skilled in their craft, as story-tellers and who are known within the comics community and who have a real love for these characters.

About the books : they are 48 page square bound, and most importantly, have a self-contained story.

Preview pages

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 Insurance and Annuities

In his stories, Johnny Dollar was known to be called upon to help investigate and understand unusual insurance claims. While dealing with insurance in real life is not as exciting as a crime drama, it still can have its challenges when trying to understand different options. Assistance from services like can help people with any questions about insurance and annuities.


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